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Author Topic: Chesters Story  (Read 3210 times)
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« on: June 26, 2008, 06:30:00 PM »

The first is a very upsetting picture.

This is Chester who came to live with my family on 4th April 2007.  This photo was taken just 2 days after I picked him up.  I found out about Chester through a friend who is involved with Doberman Rescue.  This was not a cruelty case but a very very sad one.  Chesterís previous owner was unfortunately in the same sorry state as him.  His owner was unfortunately very ill at this time and unable to look after Chester in the same way he had done for ten years.  A relative came home from working away to find Chester and his owner in this state.  He was taken to the vets and they advised to put him to sleep, due to his age and condition (he was 10yrs coming up 11) but luckily for Chester she could see that he needed another chance.  The vets then advised to put him up for adoption as he needed care and attention throughout the day, and she was unable to do this due to working commitments.  I am fortunate enough to work at my home premises.

When I first met Chester I was amazed how pleased and interested he was to see new people, and I managed to keep my tears at bay until I got him home.  I rang my husband at work to prepare him for the state Chester was in.  The next day I took him along to our vets to register him with them; everyone was in shock when they saw him.  He was not only very thin but also had sores on his body, his coat was nonexistent underneath his belly, and he also had a very bad infection on one of his front paws, where a small piece of dewclaw had been left in.  Chesterís tail never stopped wagging.  The vets advised feeding him 4 times a day, but I decided that I would feed him 6 times a day.  I fed him on Hills Science Diet.  He weighed only 20kg when he came to me.  I took him once a week to get weighed and at first he was putting on 2kg per week.  Within approximately 12 weeks I had managed to get him up to 38kg.  Once up to strength he used to play like a puppy with my sons border terrier.  He was also besotted with our other Doberman, Tuela, but unfortunately she just chose to ignore him.

The second is a much happier picture of Chester as he turned out after his weight increased.  I had to get a professional photographer to take the picture as when I tried to take his photo he just kept coming to sit or stand by me. Even so, to get this photo Iím standing in front of him holding a piece of ham, and yes he did get to eat it after the photo was taken.

Unfortunately we have now lost him, he died in his sleep on 23rd April 2008, I felt lost in the house without him as he was such a big presence.  No matter where I sat he was there.  He could squeeze himself into the smallest of spaces just to be close.  I console myself with the thoughts that at least he had a good, happy, healthy lifestyle for his last year, and at least he lived quite a long life, and for the majority of it he was happy.  He was obviously socialised very well in his younger days he loved people, and made friends with everyone who came to our house.

I have now been lucky enough to have the privilege of rehoming a 12 week old brown and tan puppy, who we have called Tam.  She has definitely filled that big gap.  I canít believe how quickly she has settled in to our home.

I found out about Tam through a lovely lady called Chris Omar, what would dogs do without her, I so admire her dedication for the Doberman breed.  I found out about Chris through a lady from Doberman Welfare.  Tam is terrorising Bob my sonís 2 year old Border terrier, she just wares him out.  Tuela our 6 year old Doberman is non committal about her at the moment.  Well I say our Doberman but I should say my husbandís Doberman, she ignores me when he is around, he carries a photo of her in his wallet, but not one of me, well she is a lot more photogenic than me.

A Sad Update.
Tams Mum contacted us recently to let us know that soon after Tams arrival, her beautiful girl Tuela sadly passed away.

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