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Title: Dylan
Post by: Sam on August 28, 2007, 08:33:01 PM
15 month old Dylan was rehomed in May with a DRA volunteer. He was nervous, showing signs of fear aggression and not being socialized and needed a special home where he would receive lots of training, patience and love to help him overcome his fears.

Dylan’s owners spend a lot of time training and helping Dylan with his anxieties and we are so proud at how well he is responding.  He is happy and settled extremely well with his new family and Border Terrier playmates.

We receive lots of updates on Dylan’s progress and often laugh at the funny things that he gets up. In such a short time he has mastered basic obedience and attends training classes for extra socialization. It was no surprise that within a matter of weeks Dylan progressed to the next class.

Although Dylan still has some fears, his confidence is growing daily, his owners say ‘Dylan is just over 17 months, but at times he is so calm you'd think he was an oldie’. Their commitment to training, love and understanding has made a huge difference for Dylan x

Sadly for us all, Dylan passed away on 1/10/07