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Title: A New Home, Please........
Post by: Angela on February 26, 2009, 10:28:31 AM
A Day In The Life Of A Rescue Dobe

"It's eight o'clock in the morning and soon they will be coming to let us out of the kennel into the run to relieve ourselves, then, one of the highlights of the day, feeding time. It's something to look forward to. We are fed twice a day, about 8.30am and then again at about 2.30pm.

We spend the day in the kennel with an attached run, just running or walking up and down, or lying on our beds. Two or three times a week Chris and the volunteers will come and take us into a larger grass run where we can really stretch our legs and play with toys.

4.30pm is bed time and we are shut in the kennel for the night until the next morning at 8.00am, a long time to be left alone, but at least it's warm in there.

I would love to have another home and to be loved again.

So please everyone, before you decide to go out and buy a cute little puppy, please give us a second chance.
We have so much love to give..........."

From Chris on behalf of the dobes in her care just waiting for a chance to show how special they all are.

Please take a look at our boys and girls   HERE  ( waiting for their forever homes.