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Title: Tye
Post by: Angela on July 21, 2008, 10:59:50 PM
Tye is an entire black & tan male who will be 2 years old in September, he came to us via the dog pound in Rochdale.

He is a sweet boy, very friendly towards people, however he does not like other dogs, just bitches!!

His ideal home would be with someone either with land/large gardens, or someone who is prepared to put in the work to help him overcome his fear aggression with other dogs.

If you feel that you can offer Tye a forever home, please fill in one of our online enquiry forms.

Update - 14/09/08

Tye has gone home with his new family today x

Update - 22/09/08
Good news from Tyes new family.

" I think he has decided that he has landed on his feet and seems to have no worries about here being home.  Ive even taken him out in the car to see if he gave an adverse reaction not a thought of it, hopped in just fine met the children from the school bus, came home as happy as Larry.  Still a way to go before he has fully understood that this is now his life but the signs are good (and hes rather fond of sleeping in my office during the day which is fine except for the one slightly unfortunate issue he has to resolve hes a bit windy and boy does that not work too well in a confined space, for me that is, he doesnt seem to care!)"

Update - 10/11/08
More good news.

" Two months in and Tye is keeping his new family on their toes. With their loving attention, his physical scars are now healed, he has gained weight and looks in top form. A typical teenager he is testing the boundaries, as only dobes do! He still finds socialising with other dogs a challenge, and his new family are working hard to give him the confidence he needs. A loving boy, he is happiest when close to one of his two-legged family... and will do almost anything for a tickled ear or a stroke. "