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Title: Benson Scoops Braveheart 2007 Trophy
Post by: Angela on May 01, 2008, 10:52:04 PM
Benson was a DRA boy. Homed by Chris to John & Steve when he was seven months old. A wonderful boy nicknamed the "Brown Banana" as he was always wagging his tail and bending his body into the shape of a banana!! He also lives with Millie, another brown dobe with a tail, also from DRA who John & Steve adopted at age five and a half months.

At age seven, Benson was taken to Okehampton Veterinary Centre with signs of severe neck pain. X-rays showed one of the discs between the vertabrae in his neck had collapsed putting pressure on his spinal cord causing pain and weakness in his front legs. Benson desperately needed surgery but a blood sample showed up another problem, Von Willebrands which could cause major complications during surgery.
After much agonising, John & Steve made the decision to go for the surgery and Benson was sent to a spinal surgery specialist near Bristol. Thankfully the surgery went well and Benson was back on his feet in days. However Benson suffered a relapse, possibly caused by a bleed around the spinal cord and was unable to stand. With patience and daily physio (and the temptation of a cheese sandwich!) Benson staggered back to his feet and has never looked back.

Much of Bensons recovery is down to the dedication, love and nursing that Steve & John gave.
Chris would like to thank them both for going that extra mile for Benson and showing such devotion. Chris would also like to thank Rosie Lane for her support and also Yvonne Cox for providing the wonderful harness that Steve & John used to support Benson when he began to walk again.

Braveheart awards are nominated monthly by Okehampton staff, to acknowledge pets who have shown great character and bravery during their treatment. At the end of each year the awards are reviewed and voted for by the clients. The winner receives the Braveheart Trophy.

Benson certainly deserves his Braveheart award and trophy!!