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Title: Scooter - 14 month old Brown/Tan Dog *REHOMED - NOV 2016*
Post by: Tracy on July 28, 2016, 08:59:26 PM
Scooter has found a wonderful home with a couple that adore him and a new Dobe sister to play with.
We wish you a long and happy life special boy xx

We are looking for a very special home for a very special boy. Scooter is 14 months old, neutered and absolutely adorable. He is like a 4 month old pup in an adolescent body and is everything you would expect of a young Dobe; full of bounce, into everything, loves his toys, playing and other dogs. He would be best suited to a home without another large male and any dogs in his new home would need to be rather tolerant as he can be a bit full on. He has previously lived with small children and adored them but was far too bouncy and regularly knocked them over, he could therefore live with dog-savvy children over 10 years old.
Now for the special bit. Scooter has a congenital heart condition called Aortic Stenosis (narrowing of the heart valve). It has been diagnosed as severe with an outflow velocity of >5mm/sec (should be <1.5mm/sec) along with a grade 4 heart murmur. It is sadly incurable and his life expectancy will be short.
Scooter is not aware of his condition and it doesn't currently restrict him, he can be exercised and played with just like any young dog and appears to slow himself down when running off lead if his heart starts to work a little too hard. He couldn't participate in any dog sports or run for excessive periods of time but he can certainly enjoy his life. Please take the time to read up on this condition before seriously considering offering this young man a home. To add to his list of special things, he also has a slight bony enlargement on his head (not really noticeable) and a kink in his naturally docked-like tail.
Scooter is currently living with 4 other dogs and is doing brilliantly, this is his third home and he really now needs a forever family. He is not for the faint hearted and his new family will need to be experienced Dobe owners who have the patience to help him learn boundaries, love him like he's the most wonderful dog in the world and create that special bond that he is so desperate to make. We are looking for a very special home that will give this gorgeous boy the life he so deserves for whatever time he has left. He is currently being fostered in Wiltshire.
Please get in touch if you feel you can help.