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Author Topic: Baxter  (Read 3692 times)
Amanda J. Houstoun
« on: September 04, 2007, 04:28:59 PM »

Foster home required on behalf of Greyfriars Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Referral Centre in Guildford, Surrey.
Since early May we have been looking after a male doberman called Baxter. He is now 12 months old. He came to us as an inpatient following a fractured spine and fractured hind leg (he was hit by a car in March).
The spinal injury has left him with nerve damage which means he has trouble controlling toileting (leaks urine and sometimes faecal accidents) although this has improved a lot and will continue to improve. We no longer have to catheterise him and he can now walk and run with minimal help (catching him is the problem - see photos!). He has made an amazing recovery as he was not expected to walk again. For the last 6 weeks he has been going home for weekends. At night I have been taking him home with me as he sleeps through the night and just likes to be close to you. He responds well to affection and loves to be cuddled. We have had to teach him to play again and he swims in our hydro pool every day.
Baxter was due to be discharged on Thursday this week but the night before he was due to leave one of his owners was taken seriously ill. The circumstances mean that it is unlikely Baxter will ever be able to return home and be cared for properly. The most likely scenario is that he will be signed over to me and eventually rehomed. At the moment he is entire as castration was delayed to aid fracture healing. If he is signed over he will be castrated asap.
Baxter will need a lot of Greyfriars support and help for the next 3 months but he would be much happier and easier to care for now in a home environment. We are desperately looking for someone who would be able to foster him - they would need to be at home or work at home. Also they would need to be near enough to Guildford to bring Baxter in for appointments initially a minimum of twice a week. As part of our commitment to dogs rehomed through us his continuing care would be funded by Greyfriars for the rest of his life. There are also some charity funds available to pay towards foster care.
When Baxter came to us he was very defensive with strangers - his time in hospital had removed him from home at an important social learning time. He is much better now and spends most of each day in reception meeting lots of people and dogs. He has learnt to talk rather than bark. We have all fallen in love with him and he has been so plucky and determined to get over his injuries he really deserves a chance to have a normal life. He is loving and good with all other dogs (especially the girls).
Baxter is now back home with his original family.  The husband has been able to change his working practices in order to accommodate looking after him.  Greyfriars are still in touch and are helping when necessary.  We hope Baxter continues to make good progress.

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