Harvey is a very sweet black/tan castrated male Dobermann.  He came into rescue at the age of 7 months.  He had been homed with his litter sister by his breeder, but spent most of the day in kennels.  Harvey had received very little training.


2 year old black and tan bitch. Kira was living in a scrapyard where she was badly mistreated and living outdoors. Kira is now happy in her new home where she will receive the love and attention she deserves.


Roman was ten and a half months old when we brought him home from the Rescue Centre for Dobermans he had been rescued along with his brother from the outskirts of London. All we knew was he was kept outside all the time on concrete and as you can see from the first day photo…


Ebony had been chained with her front legs tied together.  She was taken to a dog pound, where she would have been euthanised after 8 days. Thankfully we were able to rescue her and she is now very happy in her new home.


Tania’s owners had wanted a cropped Dobermann. They cut her ears with scissors and stuck them above the head with superglue.

Now Tania is now cared for and very happy with her new owner.


Chance is litter brother to China. After receiving veterinary treatment, he was able to be placed in a temporary home in which to recover. He gained weight and his balance greatly improved. Chance also has a head tilt, which is improving with time, and a deformed ear.